2012 Wawa Annual Black Fly Run Results

The 2012 Black Fly Run is over. Although there were not as many runners as in years past, the day was beautiful and the runners enjoyed the course. The organizers thanked all the volunteers, marshalls, businesses, and gave special thanks to Ron Hale and Gord McKnight for their assistance. Sault Striders were also thanked for use of their time clock at the finish line. Koosum Rashid was also thanked for his donations to the goody bags. Of special note for this year’s run, was Jamie Lee Lamon who completed the run in memory of her father, Ken who battled prostate cancer.

The winners are:


Men’s 1/2 Marathon

1st Place – Tim Hatton 1:43:06
2nd Place – Tim Peart 1:43:59
3rd Place – David Bott 1:44:12

Women’s 1/2 Marathon

1st Place – Coco Mancuso 1:45:13
2nd Place – Lee Maxwell 1:53:48
3rd Place – Jocelyn Orr Sager 1:57:27

Men’s 10 km Marathon

1st Place – Eric Leishman 00:34:08
2nd Place – Mike Evans 00:42:30
3rd Place – Ray Volatori 00:46:38

Women’s 10 km Marathon

1st Place – Sheena Perth 0:47:36
2nd Place – Anj Oberai 00:49:02
3rd Place – Jennifer Waites 00:53:34

Men’s 5 km Marathon

1st Place – Brent McMillan 0:17:16
2nd Place – Logan Bellgraph 00:17:48
3rd Place – Cameron Moore 00:21:49

Women’s 5 km Marathon

1st Place – Callie Paddock 0:25:57
2nd Place – Isa Cotteril 00:26:28
3rd Place – Christine Rask 00:26:29

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